Over 60 Years of Quality Seafood


For over 60 years, Orizon has been delivering high-quality seafood from the clean, clear and pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean, Chile. We’re a global provider of quality, nutritional food solutions from natural resources, distributing our delicious seafood products to 60 countries on all 5 continents.

We invite you to discover our great-tasting products.

Pacific Mackerel

From the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean and the nutritious Humboldt current, we fish the exclusive Jack Mackerel. This nutritious pelagic fish is an excellent source of Omega 3, protein and Vitamin D, while we take care of delivering products in different presentations with excellent quality for the whole family. Our fishery is certified by MSC and IFFO-RS, supporting nearby communities and the environment where we are located.

Pacific Mackerel Fillets IQF| Pacific Mackerel Burgers | Canned Jack Mackerel loins 6oz | Canned Jack Mackerel Loins ¼ Club


As a supplier of premium seafood products, we take care of obtaining sustainable raw material, which allows us to be MSC certified, qualifying us a vendor for the Retail and Food Service category.


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